Home Inspection

Certified Home Inspection

Michael Contracting Services has moved into the home inspection business recently for the sole purpose of the calls and inquiries from countless homebuyers looking to find a person who knows what they are looking for.

Here at MCS, we have the knowledge, experience and credentials from national training organizations responsible for overseeing the field of home inspectors. Not until I received the credentials from AHIT (American Home Inspector Institute) would we do the inspectors. For many, this is the biggest financial decision many will make and making the decision which home inspector to choose can be a headache. Let me make you a promise, I will give you a professional inspection of all that can be seen and examined. Life expectancy will be discussed and my opinion will be given. I will not exaggerate or try to cover up any findings that are found. You are encouraged to watch and ask questions as the inspection is underway, and I will walk you through the process and fixes that can be made.

As a nonbiased 3rd party, I will not try to sell you any services from my company during your home inspection. If you would like to ask about estimates after the inspection process is complete, that can be accommodated. I don’t want anyone feeling like the inspection process is a way for MCS to create work.

Home Inspections aren’t for buyers only, sellers can benefit from inspections so they are not hit with a report for items that need fixed as they are trying to move on with the process of selling their home and move in to another.

Who said you need to buy or sell to have an inspection, maintenance is a huge burden on a homeowner. Most homeowners are unaware of problems lurking in something or even on the surface in plain sight. MCS can come in and do an inspection of anything you may have concerns with. Waiting till there is damage is too late, get ahead of it and live worry free with a Home Maintenance Inspection every 3 years so you nip any problem in the bud quickly.

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